Spousal Open Work Permit

Get All Benefits Of Spousal Open Work Permit
It is time for you to get all benefits for your spouse in Canada in terms of work. The partners can now sponsor their spouse for Canadian permanent residence for an open work permit.
Blue Pacific Immigration is always there to help you with the open work permit for a spouse.

Eligibility For A Spousal Open Work Permit

As a citizen of any country, you can apply for the work for your spouse in Canada. The eligibility criteria for the open work permit are as follows:

  • The person should work in Canada for more than six months and come under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code of 0, A or B.

  • Letter of the spouse’s current employer with specified NOC codes or a copy of the employment letter

  • Copy of spouses open work permit

  • Copy of the last few months’ salary slip

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We are here to help you, as you desire to get an open work permit for your spouse. We will check and verify and recheck all these documents so that you don’t face any problem. We will submit all the correct documents so that your spouse does get the work permit.
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