Pathways To Immigration Via Studying

Ways To Deal The Immigration In Canada For Studying
Are you are looking for study in Canada? In that case, a study permit will be issued by Immigration under Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which will permit you to stay temporarily in the country and study.
Blue Pacific Immigration will help you to immigrate and study in the country, without any hassle. There will be a helpful consultant to assist you.

Eligibility Requirements For Study

  • The prospective student must be eligible for a study permit in a suitable way.

  • Evidence of sufficient funds for covering the living expenses tuition fees and return transportation

  • Don’t have any criminal records

  • Satisfy the Canadian immigration Authority that you will leave Canada at the end of the study period.

  • Valid passport

  • Letter of permission of study from the esteemed university in Canada

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We are a group of experts capable of helping you get the immigration permit to study in Canada.
We will check and verify your documents and at the same time, tell you about missing or wrong documents. If we find that all the documents are satisfying, we will proceed with your application for a study permit.
If you are looking for such an opportunity, you can contact us now.

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